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Ancestor Cited

Documenting my Southern family in AR, MS, TN, NC, SC, and VA

Robin McClure

Finding Historical Documentation helps provide an in-depth view to the types of resources that you may encounter as you research your family history. These findings help to tell the story of the lived of your ancestors.
I hope as I share my arsenal of records, you will be led to discover more genealogical records. I am in the business of helping people discover and share information about their ancestors. I am an award winning book publishing consultant for Heritage Makers, the best storybooking company in the world. I have been publishing and designing storybooks since 2007. Heritage Studio, which is the Heritage Makers online book publishing software.
In addition to designing and creating books, I also teach clients how to use Heritage Makers products to preserve their history themselves.  I have been able to help different races and nationalities to find historical documentation on their ancestors. This is a business of Saving Stories. Stories remind us of who we really are and where we come from. We need to retrieve the stories before they are entirely lost. I am always looking for opportunities to help others in this way.


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